WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : WWE’s next event WWE No Mercy 2017 will be telecast in India on the morning of 25th September, but today we are going to give you exact precision of the matches that will be held in this event.

1. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Kick Off Match

Let’s talk about kick-off match so Apollo Cruise and Elius will be fighting each other, as far as the result of these two matches is concerned, the result of this match can be drawn to Elias and he seem to win this match.

Winner – Elias

2. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Intercontinental Championship Match

At present, Miz is the Intercontinental Champion and in WWE No Mercy 2017, he will fight with Kurt Angle’s son Jason Jordan. Jason Jordan is looking to win this match because WWE is seeing him as the new Intercontinental Champion and his Wrestling Skills is as amazing as his father.

Winner – Jason Jordan

3. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Cruiserweight Championship Match

Neville is currently in possession of this belt and he will be rescuing his title belt against anyone else, but against the Enzo Amore, called WWE Joker. Surrounding everyone, Enzo Amore seems to be winning in this match because WWE wants to use this character of NZO more. They are not liked among the fans, but a different cracker pulls the fans towards them.

Winner – Enzo Amore

4. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Fin Baller vs Brey Wyatt

For the last few days, amazing mind games are being played between both of them and these Mind Games are also enjoying fences too. As far as the result of both of these matches is concerned, Bray Wyatt can win this match because WWE has plans for WrestleMania for both of them. The company wants to use both of them in the coming days, and for that, they have to beat Fin Baller with Bray Wyatt.

Winner – Brett Wyatt

5. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Raw Tag Team Championship Match

This match will be between RAW’s existing tag team champion Duo of Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose and pair of Shams and Cicero. If you talk about the result of this match, then two old members of Shield are winning in this match, they have huge support for fans and WWE knows this. As far as the question is between the pair of Shams and Sisaro, their storyline will continue to be with WrestleMania 34 till then.

Winner – Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

6. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Raw Diva Championship match

All matches of this match Raw will be visible and this is probably the first time that a major event has been played in the Fatal Four match for a Diva championship belt. In this match, Alixa Bliss will be seen protecting her title belt against Nia Jacques, Emma, ​​Belly and Shasha Bank. Result of this match, Alixa Bliss seems to be able to save its title again. Doing so will make the excitement in WWE Raw’s women’s division successful.

Winner – Alixa Bliss

7. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : John Cena and Roman Regins

Even before this match, the talk war between the two has been seen, rarely seen between a wrestler. Both of them are already coming out with promising promos, if they talk about the result of their matches, then they are seen winning the Roman ranks. WWE also wants to win the roman because it will help them to prepare the storyline of the main event of WrestleMania 34.

John Cena can replace the revenge of this defeat in upcoming events, and consequently the main event match of WrestleMania 34 will be ready between the two.

Winner – Roman Reigns

8. WWE NO MERCY 2017 PREDICTION : Main Event Match

In this match, Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal title against Braun Stroman, this match will be the main event of WWE No Mercy 2017, and the match is very festive for the fans. Brock Lesnar appears to be winning in this match, but Braun Stowman will look a lot in the entire match, he will not be seen week anywhere in the entire match and the only reason behind this is that WWE wants to maintain his master avatar but in spite of this he will lose this match.

Winner – Brock Lesnar