Taiwan Earthquakes : Back To Back Earthquakes In 3 Days


Taiwan Earthquakes : Many people are trapped by the fall of the hotel

Taiwan Earthquakes: Earthquake shocks were once again felt in Taiwan Earthquakes intensity of 6.4 was measured. It is said that the earthquake was so fast that a hotel fell on the eastern shore and many people were stuck in it. The epicentre of the earthquake was 21 kilometers away from the harbor city of Hualin. According to local media, many high-rise buildings have been damaged.

According to the information, this is the second time in three days when the land of Taiwan is hilly. This time, the intensity of earthquake was measured 6.4. Earlier, there was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake here. It has not been possible to predict how many people have lost their lives due to the earthquake. Emergency services have been engaged in relief and rescue work. It has been stated in the statement issued by the government that a bridge is no longer worth utilization and the structure of a hotel has leaned.

Five earthquake shocks were felt in the interval of two hours on Sunday. Taiwan is located at the junction of two tectonic plates. This leads to an earthquake here. Last year, there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake where 116 people were killed. The most horrific earthquake of recent years was here in September 1999. 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed 2400 people.

How many reactor scale earthquakes are affected

The Reactor Scale effect
shows 0 to 1.9 only by seismograph.
2 to 2.9 lighter vibrations
3 to 3.9 A truck passes near you, the impact
4 to 4.9 windows can break. Tangled frames on the walls can fall.
5 to 5.9 furniture can move up to heavy goods like.
The foundation of 6 to 6.9 buildings can be found. The upper floors can be damaged.
7 to 7.9 Buildings fall. The pipe bursts inside the ground.
Large bridges, including 8 to 8.9 buildings, also fall.
9 and more complete devastation If someone stands in the ground, then he will be seen waving the earth. Fear of the Tsunami, near the sea, every scale of the Richter scale in earthquake is 10 times stronger than the previous scale.