Secret Superstar Film Review : Zaira And Aamir’s Diwali Gift With Emotion And Laugh

Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Film Review : The secret superstar has gone a step ahead of the last time Aamir gave the message for the children in the film Tare Zamin Par. Zaira Wasim’s acting in the film will make you very impressed. Meher Vij will win your heart in the role of Zaira’s mother, and then your heart will creep in the role of Raj Arjun in the role of father.
Therefore, if you want to see a movie filled with a social message with your children this Diwali, then the film will not disappoint you.

Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Cast And Crew

Cast: Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Mehr Vij, Raj Arjun
Director: Advaita Chandan
Producer: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chawla, Sanjay Kutty, B. Shrinivas Rao
Rating : 3.5 Stars

Secret Superstar Film Story

Secret Superstar Film Review : The story of the secret superstar is Zaira Wasim, i.e., 15 years old, who lives in Vadodara, wants to be a popular singer. She is her mother’s favourite singer and is dreaming to be famous all over the world through a singing reality show.
Inssia, who lives with her younger brother, grandmother and mother at home, is the eldest of her life, who is raising her hand over the matter. Inssia’s second dream is to get rid of the oppression of the father on her mother.

Secret Superstar Film Review
Mother sells her necklace and gives a laptop to Inssia, on which Inssia keeps uploading her songs by making a YouTube channel. The father is not able to know, therefore, Inssia wear a burqa and hiding her name and uploading her songs on this channel. Millions of people gradually watch and keep watching her videos. This channel becomes famous as the Secret Superstar.

One day, a bad image music director Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan) calls to Inssia. But Inssia ignores Shakti Kumar’s phone call knowing him as a insane person. Then comes the instresting turn in Inssia’s life when her father’s job takes place in Saudi Arabia, where he wants to take his family and also knows that her father has a boy for her marriage there.

Secret Superstar Film Review : In order to save her mother from the father’s oppression, finally, Inssia is forced to take help of Shakti Kumar. Who helps her by understanding her as his own child. He gives a chance to sing and this song goes on to become super hit. Considering that she is ready to go to Saudi with her as insisting on her father’s insistence, but is she able to give justice to her mother and what is the reason for her singing career to find out that you have to watch this movie.


Secret Superstar Film Review : Zaira Wasim has given life to the characters of the world. There is no such opportunity anywhere when Inssia bore you. You will become the fan of this movie by watching Zaira’s natural act. Zaira did not get the same opportunity to show her acting in Dangal, but here her acting is going to get nomination in the awards.
Aamir Khan has done the same thing which he is expected to do – Many a times you will feel like performing Aamir’s fun and acting many times like him. In the character of Shakti Kumar, Aamir Khan will win your heart and make you laugh and entertain.

Secret Superstar Film Review

You have also seen Meher Vij, the mother of Salman’s Munni, in Bajrangi Bhaijan, but you will see her more excellent performence in this film. The horrors of Inssia’s father will force Raj Arjun to remember for a long time in your heart.


Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Film Review : The music of this movie made on the hobby of music. Songs could be very good and ticklish to the mind, but director Avdait Chandan did not have any special effort in the film’s affair, he would surely tell you the answer.


Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Film Review : As the director, Avdait Chandan’s name has so far been discussed as Assistant Directors. Even after having a good story, the first half of the film of Avdait will be boring. Whereas he has taken control of the second half properly. In the first half, unmeanigful songs and gradually moving stories can take your attention towards the mobile phone.


Secret Superstar Film Review

Secret Superstar Film Review : In the end, we would definitely say this about the overall movie that the film could become more good but for the good message and family of the film and for Aamir Khan you can see it. We get 3.5 stars from our side.