Ronaldo Becomes Richest Footballer by Defeating Messi and Neymar


Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is the superstar player of the football world. He has won the Ballon Day and also four times. Apart from Real Madrid, Ronaldo is also part of the Portugal national team. Ronaldo is known by his team, another addition to the award winner, and in the case of earning money. His fate is huge in terms of money.


Ronaldo Earnings

You must be surprised to know how much Ronaldo is in terms of money. This year’s Real Madrid player is seen to be one year’s salary and then it is 40 million pounds. Ronaldo has been playing at the professional level for a long time. Ronaldo is also very good at salaries. Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United at that time in 2003 saw Ronaldo play.
At the same time, he signed Ronaldo for £ 13 million. Ronaldo was the first Portugal player to join Red Devils. In 2007, Ronaldo again signed a five-year contract with Manchester United. At this time Devils gave him 23 million pounds annually.

His week’s earning was about 92 thousand euro. Ronaldo became the most expensive player in the history of the team with this contract. Two years after signing a new contract, Ronaldo moved to his current team i.e. Real Madrid.

According to star, his annual earnings here have 25 million pounds, which continued to grow. Ronaldo made real earnings out of the pitch. In November 2016, they signed the Lifetime contract with Nike with 772 million Euros. The special conditions of this deal were not known but there were rumors that Ronaldo also received a suggesting bonus of 77 million Euros.

Ronaldo has signed an endorsement deal with Tag Heuer, Sacoor Brothers (Suit Company) and Monster Headphones. Ronaldo replaces David Beckham as Arm Phill’s Mail Face. Ronaldo is also connected with Castrol, Coca Cola, KFC, Emirates and Konami.

According to Celebrity, Ronaldo’s earnings are 400 million pounds. This amount makes Ronaldo the most expensive in football world.