Raj Thakre’s Party Hooliganism In Mumbai

Raj Thakre party Hooliganaism in mumbai

Raj Thakre’s Party Hooliganism In Mumbai, MNS Activists Threw North Indians Out

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), a Raj Thakre-led party, which created the land of its state by attacking the North Indians, has again once again felony with the North Indians. A video of the MNS workers in Sangli in Maharashtra has surfaced, in which they are hurting people and hurling them on the road.

On Tuesday, the MNS activists landed on the streets carrying a blackjack in their hands and began to beat them with ruthlessly showing the North Indian in front of them. Even the people were beaten with rods and kickbacks. In fact, Raj Thakre’s party has started campaigning to remove the ‘Provincial by calling it ‘Lathi Chalo Bhaiya Hatao‘ in Sangli. MNS is alleging that the paramilitary people are being given jobs in Sangli based MIDC. Here 80 percent jobs can be given to only and only Marathi people

Movement On The Issue Of Marathi Manus

Let us tell you that in February 2008 Raj Thakre led a movement against the alleged North Indians. In 2009, MNS came to headlines by beating the Hindi-speaking candidates who came to Mumbai to give examination. Thakre’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) had recently launched an agitation against Gujarati speakers. Under this, the MNS activists removed the board in Gujarati from several shops in Dadar and Mahim area. The police also took custody of seven MNS workers who were removing the board.

SC Notice To Maharashtra Government In 2008 

Supreme Court issued notice to the Maharashtra government in view of the attacks on the North Indians on the notice of SC to the Maharashtra government in 2008. This notice was given by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) led by Raj Thakre in the state for the alleged failure of the government to ban the campaign against non-Marathas and North Indians. The said notice was issued by the Bench headed by the then Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan. In the PIL filed in the Supreme Court, lawyer Sulek Chand Jain, appearing for petitioner Sailake Chand Jain, had said that even after two MNS leader Raj Thakre’s statements, when two North Indian doctors killed Ajay and Vijay Dubey, even then the state government did not take necessary steps Raised. He also said that there were intense reactions across the country on the attacks by the MNS, which threatened the integrity and unity of the country.

The Central Government Also Felt The Allegations

In the petition, he also accused the central government that he was also a silent spectator of these incidents and using his powers under Article 355 of the Constitution did not give the necessary directions to the state government to deal with this constitutional crisis.

Raj Thakre Gets Conditional Bail After Court Rebuked

After violence against North Indians, Raj Thakre was arrested and got conditional bail. According to the orders of the bail granted by the Vikroli Metropolitan Magistrate, “Raj will never give any speech or write articles, nor will he write articles.” By completing a bond paper, he will have to reassure that he will never use poisonous language about provincialism. Nor will the crowd or any other organized party try to incite. ” Raj Thakre lawyer himself had conveyed this order. Raj Thackeray’s advocate Akhilesh Choubey had said that the Vikroli Court had told Raj to take this precaution that they should help the police and not spread social hatred.

Violence against North Indians in 2008

 In February 2008 Raj Thakre led the MNS movement with the people of UP and Bihari. In a rally at Shivaji Park, Raj warned, if these people’s dadagiri continues in Mumbai and Maharashtra, they will be forced to leave the metropolis. Surprisingly both the national parties of the country Congress and BJP remained silent on this felony.  Kini Acquitted of Murder Case In July 1996, Ramesh Kini was found dead in a cinema theater in Pune. Kini was a tenant in a dilapidated house in Laxmikant Shah in central Mumbai, the landlord was trying to get her out of the house. It used to be a friend of Shah Raj Thakre childhood. The allegation was that Raj and his men used to kill Ramesh’s house for evacuation. Later, the case was investigated by the CBI, but the CBI dismissed the case as a suicide.

Kohinoor Mill Dispute

On 21 July 2005, Kohinoor Mill No. 3 on a five acres of land is situated on the road near the Shiv Sena’s party headquarters, Sainik Bhavan, in Mumbai, it is ruled by Raj and Umesh Joshi (former Maharashtra chief minister and former Lok Sabha speaker Manohar Joshi Son of) bought for Rs 421 crores NCP leader Sachin Ahir objected to the sale of Kohinoor Mill’s land by saying that forty companies had bid for it, but only three of them were listed so far. Speaking of lack of transparency, he demanded the bid again.