Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem : Released Big Statement On National Anthem

Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem

Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem

Prakash Raj Comment On National Anthem: In a recent interview held in Banglore Prakash Raj spoke on National Anthem, Actor Prakash Raj expressed his views on National Anthem said that he does not feel that anyone in the cinema hall should prove patriotism. Talking to reporters in Bangalore, Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem, “I do not think anyone should stand in the cinema hall and show the patriotism”. After the order of the Supreme Court, the national anthem is played before the movie begins in the cinema hall across the country. This order has given different feedback to many people. Actor Prakash Raj has criticized many decisions of the Narendra Modi government in recent times. He had attacked the Modi government for the demonetization and had said whether the PM was ready to apologize to the country for this step.

Prakash Raj Sparks National Anthem Debate Said That No Need To Stand In Cinema Hall To Show Patriotism

Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem: At the time of demonetization, the actor Prakash Raj shared a post on Twitter saying, ‘The rich have got a way to change their black money into white. But this demonetization made millions of people compelled. Prakash Raj termed the note-book as the biggest mistake of PM’s time and said, “People in the unorganized sector have become unemployed. Will PM Modi apologize for the biggest mistake of his time? I’m just asking. ‘ However, Prakash Raj has also said that he is not anti-Modi but will not leave speaking the truth, no matter what the end.

Prakash Raj Spoke On National Anthem Also Dismissed Rumors To Join Political Party

Prakash Raj also dismissed the rumors that he is going to join any political party soon. In Bangalore, he said, “I do not like that artists should come into politics because they are actors and they are fans.” Prakash Raj said that becoming the film artists as the leader in our country has been a very bad experience. Prakash Raj said that actors should stay away from politics. He said that popular artists have some obligation towards their fans, they should be aware of this obligation.