Paytm 100% Discount And Free Product This Diwali

Paytm 100% Discount And Free Product This Diwali

Paytm Is Coming With The Largest Gift of Diwali, Many Products Will Be Found In ‘Free’

Paytm 100% Discount And Free this Diwali

Paytm 100% Discount : Before Diwali, Paytm is going to make a big bang. The company is already preparing to blow FlipKart and Amazon by using Paytm Mall, which recently started e-commerce. The company has prepared that it will offer many of its products for FREE. Apart from this, up to 90% discount on many products will also be available.

Paytm COO

Amit Sinha, COO of Paytm Mall, told the Business News Economic Times that if you are ready to make a purchase at 90% discount, we are ready to give you a 100% discount. Sinha said that we are offering 100% cashback offer on select products during the upcoming sale, i.e. you are going to get this product absolutely free. Sinha said that his team is finalizing the cell plan and it will be formalized next week.

Sinha told that offers will include cashback, petty gold and other things. We want to offer good offers to our customers. At the same time, we want shoppers to benefit so that they can offer offers online as soon as they are in their shops. E-commerce companies have put emphasis on categories like fashion, mobile, appliances, electricals to increase sales.

Sinha said that Paytm Mall is also working with brands and shopkeepers so that customers can get good quality things.