If We Listen To Every Girl How Will BHU Run: VC


VC of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Girish Chandra Tripathi has claimed that the “outsiders” is behind the organ of BHU. Also said – If we go to listen to every demand of every girl, then the university will not be able to run. Let us know that girls were protest in the BHU campus against the incident of sedition last week. There was a ruckus on the gate. Police ruthlessly LathiCharge which is being criticized.

What Is The Cleaning Done By V.C

According to the news of the Indian Express, Girish Chandra Tripathi also said that there are adequate security measures in the premises. Yet the protection of boys and girls can never be the same. The time for the girls to leave is upto 8 pm and for the boys at 10 pm, but it is for the safety of both of them. If we listen to every demand of every girl, then we will not be able to run the university. All these rules are for their protection, in favor of all the girls. ‘

VC Accuse- Sometimes Issues Are Created

VC said, “This incident is very unfortunate, I am very sad about it, but sometimes there are issues and some issues are created, they said that this issue was made. They were told by the people. “He further said that there was a personal interest to him and the prime minister was going to come and therefore I think that all this has been done. It took shape, it is more unfortunate than the initial event. “

Claims The Lathicharge Incidents

They have denied the incident of lathicharge on girl students in the campus. They have said that no student has been lathicharged. The action was taken on those who used to fire the university’s property, throwing petrol bombs, stoning stones. He said that the police used force only to get such criminal elements out of the campus. No blackboard was run on any student. News about this is being misrepresented.


He said that on the night of September 23 when he was going to the Triveni hostel to meet the girls, the chaotic elements stopped them and started arson and stonework. In this order, an attempt was made to chaos by stoning the Vice-Chancellor’s residence. He said that some of the chaotic elements have tried to shave the image of Malviya ji under the guise of holding on the lion door. This act is not less than the national dishonesty.

Subramaniam Swami Compares The Resistance Of BHU Students From Naxal Movement

The BJP’s senior leader Subramanian Swamy has always been in the discussions due to his controversial statements has once again come to the headlines.

Subramaniam Swami Compares The Resistance Of BHU Students From Naxal Movement

Subramanian Swamy, has always been in the discussions due to his controversial statements, has

once again come to the headlines. Recently Subramaniam Swamy has given a controversial statement about the BHU Girls Protest of students of Banaras Hindu University. According to the ANI agency, the Naxalites have compared the performance performed by Swami BHU students. Swamy said that the protests made by the vendors seem like the Naxal movement. In addition, Swamy also said that he supports the Vice Chancellor of BHU. Swamy said, “I support the Vice Chancellor in this matter because the protest of girl students looks like the Naxal movement, which means that the girls wanted to enter VC’s office, where they could spread violence. Swami supported the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and said that the Yogi has ordered a detailed report of this matter

Swamy further said, ‘It seems unreal, because they are saying that they got tampered, but

we do not know their identity and how they came to know other students. And did the girl immediately report it or not? On the other hand, news has come that the way the university administration has tried to end the war with the Uttar Pradesh Police, the battle against the molestation of Banaras Hindu University girl students and the war against Moral Police will be performed against them on Monday. .

This exhibition has been named ‘Joint Citizen Performance’. Starting from 1:00 pm, this demonstration will include AISA, JNU Student Union, KYC, SFI, Cage Break, AIPWA, AIDWA, All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum, Nihad, People’s Writers Association, AMSS, CSW, Muslim Women’s Forum, Progressive Women’s Organization, National Dalit Women’s Movement and Saheli etc. will also be accompanied by actor Rahul Roy and Saba Divan