Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : 58 People Dead And 220 Injured, ISIS Claims the Attack But FBI Says No Terror Link


Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates

During a concert in Las Vegas, USA, at least 58 people were killed and more than 200 were injured in the Las Vegas Shooting, firing by a person. Las Vegas Shooting is the most fatal event of firing so far in modern American history. The police said that the gunman was identified as Stephen Padock, 64. He is a local resident. Swat team shoot him. The assailant fired from the 32nd floor of Mandley Bay, next to a concert venue.

Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : ISIS Claims the attack but FBI Deny it

The terrorist organisation Islamic State took responsibility for the Las Vegas Shooting. According to Reuters reports, Islamic State’s News Agency Amak has said that the assailant of Las Vegas had confessed Islam a few months back. But FBI says that this was not a terror attack.

Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : No Indian Harmed

The Indian External Affairs Ministry has said that there was no Indian was casualties in the Las Vegas Shooting.

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Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : US President Donald Trump has expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

The White House said that President Donald Trump has been informed about the ‘horrific incident’. The US President has expressed his condolences to victims and families on twitter.

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Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : Police have issued hotline numbers for information of the dead and injured people.

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Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : The police identified the attacker as Stephen Padock, the 64-year-old local citizen


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According to the latest news, the number of people killed in the attack has crossed 50. More than 200 people are reported to be injured. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metro Police said, “We are seeing now that more than 50 people have died and 200 have been injured.” He said that obviously this is a tragic event and this is the kind we never experienced. Lombardo said that the police and the FBI are still investigating the role of Padock, but there were many weapons in the room he had taken in the hotel.

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Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : The police has released the photograph of the attacker’s partner Marilyn. She’s out of the catch now

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Vegas Attack

Las Vegas Shooting Live Updates : Firing Videos

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Everyone in this video is seen lying on the ground after hearing firing.

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This is a video shot by eyeglasses. In it you can hear firing sounds.

Police said that Paddock fired at the crowd below the 32nd floor of the huge hotel located in the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Lombardo said that a female friend of Padock has found out. It has been described as a person who can be of police work. Thousands of fans were attending concert at Mandley Bay. It is part of the three-day folk music festival known as “Route 91”.

Eyewitnesses said that Paddock fired for the first time and again felt that he reloaded the gun and fired again. Nick Dikrf told CNN: “When we heard the sound of glass breaks, we started seeing here what happened and then the bullet shot, the bullet went and shot.”
At that time, quite a popular singer Jason Aldine was on stage and when the firing started he was about to end his concert. The final number of casualties is yet to be confirmed, but in US history it has become the fatal event of firing. The last fatal incident in firing took place in June 2016. When 49 people were killed in firing at a nightclub in Orlando.