Government Has Given New Order To The Madarsa’s

Up Government new order

The ruling Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has issued a new order for the Madarsa’s of the state. This time, the UP government has ordered the Madarsa’s to name their names in Hindi. Apart from this, the government has said that it will also have to write the time for the opening and closing of the Madarsa’s on board. This information was given on Tuesday by Cabinet Minister Baldev Singh Olkh.

Yogi government new order launches

Baldev Singh said that this order of the UP government has been issued so that more and more people will know what the name of the Madarsa’s is. At the same time people can also know what kind of education is here. The time for the opening and closing of the Madarsa’s will also be written on the board.

At the same time this order of the government has once again passed the Madarsa’s operators. The Madarsa’s operators say that the UPA government is trying to suppress the minorities. In this attempt the government has tried to impose this order.

However Baldev Olkh says that all these anti-party parties fill in the minds of minorities. Who just use them for the vote bank? He said that BJP government works for the betterment of minorities and will continue to do so.

Baldev Singh also said that these changes are for the betterment of the children. He said that further changes will be made in this direction including curriculum of education, addition of other topics and improvement of education level.

Yogi Government Launches New Order To Madarsa’s

Let us tell you that this is not the first time when the UP government has tried to impose any order on the Madarsa’s before the Independence Day.  The UP government had asked the Madarsa’s to order national anthem and cultural programs. He also said that he also provided photography and videography of the programs.

yogi goverment given new order to madarsa

Madarsa Teachers’ Bank Account and Aadhar Number

This order issued by Principal Secretary Monica Garg, it has been said that all the Madarsa’s of the state have to be registered by the government-launched website till October 15. After this the recognition given by the government to these Madarsa’s will remain and they will get government financial help.

The purpose of the entire exercise is to take out the false teachers and students from the system. According to the government the bank account of all the teachers and the Madarsa’s officers will be verified through public finance management system. In the investigation the bank account will be valid only after getting it valid. Minority official district as well as information provided by the seminary administration will lock through a digital signature this is why this information once will not be changed again.