Dawood Ibrahim 42,000 Cr Property seized in London

Dawood Ibrahim 42,000 Cr Property seized in London

Dawood Ibrahim 42,000 Cr Property seized in London
The 1993 blasts accused and India’s most wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has suffered a major setback. It is being said that the big victory of the Modi Government. According to media reports, Dawood Ibrahim 42,000 Cr Property seized in London ($ 6.7 billion),  Dawood Ibrahim assets worth Rs 43 thousand crore has been seized in the UK.

This move of UK is being considered as a major diplomatic win for the Indian government. India had handed over the dossier to Dawood in 2015. In January this year news had come that UAE’s Sarar has also seized Dawood’s property.

According to the information, property seized, apart from the home based Midland property, is also included. According to Forbes Magazine, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is the second richest criminal in the world after Colombian drug smuggler Pablo Escobar.

According to Forbes, Dawood has assets worth 6.7 billion. There is a hotel in Warwickshire, while there is also a large residential property around Midland.

According to the list, the first address is House No. 37, 30th Street, Defense Housing Authority, Karachi Pakistan. The second address is Noorabad, Karachi, Pakistan (Patiala Bungalow). The third address is given to the White House, Saudis Mosque, Karachi, Pakistan.

However, last year Dawood’s fourth address was given in this list, which was in House No. 29, Margtal Road, F6 / 2 Street No. 22, Karachi. It has not been recorded in the record this year.

List of Dawood’s birthplace Kher, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra is registered and has been declared as Nationality Indian. It also mentions its Indian passport, which was later canceled by the Indian government. After this, many Indian and Pakistani passports of Dawood have been mentioned, which were misused. The name of Dawood’s father was Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar, mother’s name Amina B. and wife’s name is Mehzbin Shaikh. The name of Dawood was first mentioned in this list on November 7, 2003.

Names Of Dawood Ibrahim
List of 21 names of Dawood in the list. These include Sheikh, Ismail, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hameed, Abdul Rehman, Mohammed Bhai, Anees Ibrahim, Iqbal, Dilip, Aziz, Farukhi, Hassan, Dawood, Memon, Kaskar, Sabri, Saheb, Haji, Seth and Big Brother. According to the list, Dawood has used these names.

1993 Mumbai blasts accused Dawood Ibrahim
Please tell that Dawood is accused in the 1993 serial blasts case in Mumbai. After the blasts, he escaped from India. In these blasts, 260 people were killed and more than 700 were injured. India has handed over the dossier to Dawood on several occasions. The Indian government also mentioned the addresses of Dawood in Pakistan in the dossier, but Pakistan has always been claiming that Dawood Ibrahim is not here.
Dawood’s name is included in Interpol’s Most Wanted List. He is accused of operating fraud, criminal conspiracy and a criminal gang. The US declared it a Global Terrorist in 2003.

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