Blue Whale Challenge – Young Man wins on the Bloody Game


This Young Man wins on the Bloody Game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, Presenting an Example in the Middle of the Game.


‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is not a game but a well-known death. Especially for the emotionally susceptible youth it is even more fatal. Such an emotional youth once caught in the trap and then it seems not possible to get out of their back. Mumbai, Indore, Delhi,Thiruvananthapuram, Pilibhit or UP  Youth are continually trapped in their trap and embracing death. The whole world is upset. But it is not that someone cannot get out of this game.

Shubham Breaks the Cycle of Death

This is what has been done by 17-year-old Shubham from Bareilly. Shubham has broken the confusion of this game of death. On the strength of his bravery, Shubham left this bloody game in the middle. Shubham says that the game has been fabricated in such a way that it dominates the mind of the playmaker. It just hinges on confusion and pressure. This game can be easily left with strong will and mental strength.

Shubham, who was relieved from ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, had a special conversation about this. He told in a serial manner how he got the task and how he got rid of this bloody game.

Tosk 01: Shubham told that he downloaded the Blue Whale Challenge to play and on August 4, the first task was found in the message ‘0079046583964‘ via the mobile number. Writing a good friend on the wrist and loud for 24 hours was a jogging. On completion of the task, the message of good luck came on August 5.

Task 02: The second task was found on August 6. In the morning, at 4.20 in the horror movie ‘Haunted in Connecticut’ appeared online and through video calling, the expressions on Shubham’s face were monitored. On completion of the task, the good luck message was received on August 7.

Task 03: On August 8, the third task arm was found to be made of a whale tail shaped with a blade. The condition was that it has to be shown through live actions. Shubham switched off the mobile on this. On 12 o’clock in the afternoon, when you started on mobile, prompting ‘You can do’ messages started coming up. If not done, the family and friends flashed up and the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ message was sent as a supporter. Pressures were also given to ruin the family if they refused. Shubham came into depression with this

Threat to not Complete the Task

Shubham and his family were threatened to kill them if they did not complete the tasks found in the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ game. It was said that there are also our people in India, who will kill the entire family, so play games ahead. But Shubham did not play ahead and got open-minded from the well of death.

Not Easy to get Rid of the Game

This game cannot be signed out after playing. Shubham uninstalled and then anything the search on Mozilla is, the Blue Whale Challenge is in place. After that a message came from number, which was searched on True-Caller, it was found that the first letter is the code of seven Russians. After this, the mobile was re-set on the night of 15th of August. There was no message after this.

What are the experts?

Famous psychologist Pranita Gaur talked about this Blue Whale Challenge They said that in the starting, the children think that what happens once and for all? They think that they will play once or twice and then we will leave. Then they become a set of children and each other begins to battle with each other about the levels of games. Psychiatrist Hema Khanna about this She said that the spirit of becoming a winner by adopting a challenge in the teens is increasing. This is going to be the victim of this game. Parents need to pay attention to children and give time.