Barcelona vs Malaga Highlights


Barcelona Beat Malaga 2-0 in La Liga Football League

Barcelona increasing move towards the top spot in the camp La Liga win 2-0 at Malaga in the Nou Football League. Barcelona thus made 12th La Liga and in the Champions League with 11 points from the 11th win of the season, Valencia scored four points while the opponent Real Madrid scored eight points.

The Barcelona Club, however, could not win four out of the last six matches against Malaga. Gerrard Dyulofew scored the first goal for the team in the second minute while Andreas Iniesta scored the second goal in the 56th minute with the help of Lionel Messi. In another match, Valencia beat Sevilla 4-0 in Mastala.

My Goal Against Malaga Was Legal

Despite being clearly seen in Replay that the ball went out of the field during the build-up, Gerard Dulfolyu says that he is not showing any mistake in that goal.Last night La-Liga leader Barcelona defeated Malaga 2-0 in Camp Nou, which included the controversial goal of dolofayu and the goal scored after Andreas Iniesta almost 1 year later. Developer told BEIN Sports- “I do not see any problem in it. I have not seen any replay of this incident yet but it was legal for me. I trust this because I played it ‘.

Prior to the completion of 1 hour of play, Iniesta ended the expectations of Málaga’s return with his left footed shot which went into the goalpost by deflecting from Captain Roberto Rosales of Málaga.

Málaga’s defender Luis Hernandez claimed that the ball had already gone out of the field before Dennis gave the cross to Dulfola.

Málaga’s Hernandez said, “I can understand that he is saying that the ball did not go out but it is absurd because the ball went out from almost half an hour to one meter. Once again, such a decision has been made which has harmed us’.

After the match, Hernandez said, “It is worth mentioning that refereeing the first goal in 6 of our 9 matches has come in error. We are at the last position, we have not played well but the referee’s mistake is getting more heavily on us.”