Anushka Sharma PARI MOVIE TEASER AND NEW POSTER: know when it’s 2nd teaser coming

Pari Movie Teaser

Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Teaser And New Poster: Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma‘s new poster of Starrer movie ‘Pari‘ was released on Tuesday. In the poster you can see Anushka Sharma, a blue-eyed, hands on the shoulder of a man. The poster has been quite scary as before, because in Anushka’s hands the size is not normal and bleeding is coming out of her nails. She is quite serious and looking at the front. The film, produced under the banner of Clean Slate Films, is produced by Anushka Sharma and her brother Karanesh Sharma.

Pari Movie Teaser

Watch Anushka Sharma’s Pari Movie Teaser Here

Earlier, 2 more posters of Anushka Sharma’s film have been released but this poster is special because the teaser release date has been announced.

Pari Movie Teaser Release Date

 Pari Movie Teaser video will be released on Wednesday. Before this, because another teaser video of Anushka’s film has been released, it will be interesting to see if this next teaser will be special. Talk about the story of the film, this time Anushka will be seen playing the role of a ghost.

Clean Slate Films Anushka Sharma is the production house and it is the third film produced from her production house. Prior to this, fillelli has been released from Clean Slate in 2015 in NH-10 and 2017. The point of note is that in all three films, Anushka Sharma has been in lead role. Talk about the release date of ‘Fairy’, the film will be released in theaters on March 2. The film Veer’s Wedding will also be released on this date.

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