11 Saudi Princes Detained Along With Four Former Ministers

11 Saudi Princes Detained

11 saudi princes detained along with four former ministers. Shah Salman King of Saudi Arabia has announced to create a new anti-corruption committee. According to Saudi Arabia’s al-Arabiya news channel, 11 saudi princes and four former ministers have been detained in the new investigation into corruption under the leadership of the powerful Prince Ahad Shahzade (Crown Prince) Mohammad bin Salman. Mohammad has been nominated to monitor the new committee.

11 Saudi Princes Detained: This committee is also investigating the Saudi government’s response to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) transition, besides investigating the disastrous floods that occurred in Jeddah in the year 2009. This infection has killed hundreds of people in the past few years. Meanwhile, the ULMA Council of Saudi Arabia issued a statement saying that fighting against corruption is an Islamic charge. Support for religious leaders is necessary for such high level arrests.

11 Saudi Princes Detained Along With Four Former Ministers

11 Saudi Princes Detained: The government said that the anti-corruption committee has the right to issue arrest warrants, impose travel restrictions and ban bank accounts. This committee can locate the fund, stop the transfer of funds and take other precautionary measures till the cases are referred to the judiciary.

11 Saudi Princes Detained With 4 Former Ministers: Let the Saudi Arab citizens have been complaining of corruption in the government for a long time and misuse of funds by people sitting in power. 32-year-old Wali Ahmad Shahzah Mohamed is engaged in trying to improve the image of the country for bringing big international investment and doing business. This oil is part of a widespread endeavor to prepare other routes of the economy, different from the dependence on revenue. Shah has dismissed Shahzade Mutab bin Abdullah as the head of the National Guard. Shahzade Khalid bin Aiyaf Al Mukrien has been appointed in his place. He had a senior post in the guard.

Saudi Arabia 11 Saudi Princes Detained: Shahjade Mutab’s father is late Shah Abdullah who led the National Guard. He had changed the National Guard into a powerful and respected force and gave it the responsibility of the ruling Saudi family and the security of holy sites and oil and gas sites in Mecca and Medina. Shehzade Mutab was believed to be a contender of the Takht. As the head of the National Guard, the dismissal of Mutab is being seen as a major opponent of the present prince Ahad Shahzade. Shahzade Mohammed became very powerful after his father Shah Salman three years ago after being Takhtanshi. This incident happened three months after Shahzade Mohammad bin Nayef was sacked as successor and Home Minister.

Shah also changed economic and planning affairs minister Abdel Fakeh. In place of him, he has appointed his deputy Mohammad al-Tuwajari.